We open on a crowd of hushed people; minutes later they all shout out "surprise" as Rob, guest of honour, arrives at his surprise leaving party. He is about to leave New York for a new job in Japan. Following our cameraman Hud through the party, we soon learn that all is not well. Beth, the love of Rob's life, has turned up with a date - a month before the pair had finally succumbed to their mutual attraction and slept together. The pair argue and Beth and her date leave. Suddenly the whole building shudders and the power cuts out. Once the lights turn back on they switch on the news, hearing reports of an earthquake and a tanker capsising. Wanting to see more, they head up to the building's roof, where they see a massive explosion. Fleeing the debris soaring out of the blast, they reach street level, where they see something flying towards them - the scarred, head of the Statue of Liberty. Hud turns to capture a massive creature striding past the skyscrapers in the distance. Soon after Rob recieves a phonecall from Beth, and on hearing her panicked and that she is injured, he resolves to head into the danger zone to rescue her. Hud and three other friends join him on his foolhardy mission, as they go straight into the path the monster.

professional procrastinator.. reporter wannabe... :)
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