RunatSeoul Runner Intro - Aeron Trimble

And our first lucky runner has been announced. His name is Aaron Trimble. He is a graduating senior at the prestigious University of California. His love for Korea allowed him to discover a passion for languages and exploration. While his initial visit to Korea was for the purposes of visiting some old college friends, his experiences in Korea helped him grow in ways he could have never imagined. On this trip to Seoul, Aaron says that he has three goals: "My goal as a runner is threefold. First, I want to explore as much of Seoul as I can (especially the more hidden places), not only so that I can learn even more about the city, but so that the world can see the variety of what Seoul has to offer. The second goal is to meet new people and make everyone’s day a little happier. Whether it is the 아줌마 at the 떡붂이 stand, or a high school student viewing the broadcast from Iceland, I want people to be happy. Lastly, I want to inspire others to come to Korea to set off on their own adventure, whether it be only in Seoul, or start off in Seoul and end up in 전주. " While he has those three goals in mind, he says that what he really wants to do is what he loves doing best: bringing a smile to someone's face. Learn more about the runners and how you can participate on our official page:

A global campaign where visitors from all over the world explore Seoul. See dynamic, lively Seoul expressed through the eyes of global citizens. *Dates: November 19~ November 23
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