Arang and The Magistrate (Korean Drama) Ep.17-LIVE Recap

Ep.9 recap Ep.9 with eng sub Ep 10 recap Ep 10 with eng sub Ep 11 recap Ep 12 recap Ep 13 recap Ep 14 recap Ep 15 recap Ep 16 recap Ep 17 Video AR finally remember everything how she is was killed and who killed her..! It was HR! And HR tries to take AR's body to live forever but EO stops her. Can EO protect AR and kill HR as SJ planned?! EO says to AR "Stand back." HR says "You're finally here. You know how much I've been waited? That is fan of SJ. Ur mom is still here." EO says "I will get her back..!" Then he uses fan but it doesn't work to HR. HR says "If you wanna get your mom back, give AR to me. SJ is so fool to send you to me. U're so useless. Go and cure her." EO takes AR back and says "Don't care what she said." But AR says "You gotta listen her. As soon as I saw her, I remembered all memory who I killed me. It was your mom." EO gets so surprised. "What are you talking about? U mean my mom killed you..? This can't happen. I just wished her would live, so I came here to find..Mom why you let your body to those wicked? Now what should I do?" JW is feeling painful cuz he remembered all the memory related murdering. AR thinks 'EO's mom killed me but she didn't intend me..Is it really whole true?' EO comes in room and says to AR "I can't see you like this no more. I don't know what should I do.." AR says "You don't have to do anything. There are still many days until full moon rises. I think there would be more to solve." EO asks "You told me JW was with my mom, right? I think I gotta go and ask him directly." While EO tries to come in JW's room, he sees that Choi Lord's private military is protecting his home. Then he finds Choi has illegal military. While looking around his storage, he makes sound and fights with some soldiers. AR is telling stories about the wicked to BW. AR asks the way which get EO's mom out from the wicked. BW decides to call her ancestor's soul and asks her. AR calles her name, then her soul comes down. AR asks how gets ghost out from human's body. The ancestor "I heard about you. You're famous in heaven. But if you go there, you'd forget all the memories here. Well..when ghosts move to other's body, if you hurt her, the ghost would disappear. Firstly think what EO's mom consider as most valuable thing." HR says to JW "Before I takes AR, this wouldn't end. You gotta live with memories you murdered until you die." JW gets shocked and thinks 'Is this punishment I should take?'. Then he goes to HR and asks "What should I do?" HR says "Go and kill EO. When he comes to meet, EO's mom continually tries to come out of me. So go and kill him." While AR what EO's mom cares most, EO comes back. To find medicine to cure him, she sees his fan from SJ and thinks HR's saying which EO would her mom back if HR takes AR."What are you thinking?", AR asks to EO. He says "I think I'm punished. Until now I didn't care of others. It was none of my business. So I also didn't like my talent which I see ghost. But after I knew you, I came to understand my mom's hurt and realized I can help others with this talent. So I really appreciate." AR says "You're welcome. You've done so many things for me. BW said even if I leave you, I can live with the memory. I was wrong. I thought if I have memory with you, it would be painful for you..So I ignored you heart, but those memories also help me to live further according to BW's saying. I can't stay with you continually and I would forget memory about you..But I've loved you. I hope you're find always." EO stops AR and kisses her. JW thinks 'I would what HR wants and after that he would do what he wants. Firstly I would kill EO and take AR to you. Then I will kill you.' In the morning, AR tells what BW's ancestor said asks to think what EO's mom cares most. AR tells whole story to DS and orders him to catch HR. He went to place where she stayed, but no one's there. In the meanwhile, JW give temporary shelter to HR and says "Stay for a while." On the way he back home, he sees AR. She asks "What's relation between you and HR? You know who she is..!" JW says "She's angel in heaven. When she takes human's body, it's possible only when she makes the human's wish come true." AR asks "So what EO's mom wanted?" JW says "I also don't know that." Choi Lord hear the news which EO tried to catch HR. He decided to get Gu Dul( his servant who murdered AR's nanny.) out of jail. Then suddenly a man comes to EO and cries Choi takes off his son cuz he couldn't pay back Choi's money. EO goes to the site and solve the problem. In the process, EO came to know that many people was sold as slave by Choi Lord. DS says "This won't be solved until he pay all the money." Choi came to know what EO did and orders sth. To hear what magistrate did, citizens continually comes to EO to tell their problem. AR comes to JW and asks "I need to see HR and ask her directly. Lead me where she is." EO calls DS and says "You've done all the hard work to follow me. I will upgrade you." He announces "DS is now your leader. I will not care of a person's status if he has talent." MY thinks to get Mu Yeon from HR he needs EO. He goes to EO and says "The wicked in your mom is my sister. Her name is Mu Yeon. You can't get out her from HR by forcing. She gotta go out by herself. You know the way.." EO says "AR? I won't give her to the wicked. Tell me anothe away. Then I would stand for you." HR thinks her old memory when she loved as human.Even if she was someone's lover, she couldn't get him. So they was reborn as brother ans sister. No matter what their relation is, she loved MY and asked to go to human's world to love each other, but MY refused. So at first time she wanted to live as human for love, now she became the wicked. Before AR goes to HR, JW says "Do not hear anything what HR says." Suddenly military comes in and catches EO as criminal. In the meanwhile, AR meets HR and EO is caught. Preview of Ep.18) Choi Lord says "You can't do anything like your fool mom did." AR doesn't understand why JW stays with HR. She asks what was EO mom's wish before let her body to Mu Yeon. Then My Yeon says "What would you wish to me if you were her. Sth which can protect your lover?" And My Yeon asks to MY to help her.

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