After filming Greener Pastures, Loaded Ambassadors Ethan Cochard, Camilo Cespedes, Alberto Alepuz and Orangatang Ambassador Bruno Sirera, and went on a skatecation around Spain to some of their favorite spots. After leaving the magical island of Mallorca, our Quadrio heads to Bareclona. There they meet up with a large swarm of local riders in one of the many skate spots of Barcelona for an event with FORTrate. They skated with the eager mob, then found Axel Serrat in the far away hills, who showed them a few local favorites. Then Ethan had to head back to his motherland to nurse his foot, leaving his fellow Spanish ducklings in a land they knew well, and yet, barely at all. Big THANK YOU to FORTrate for throwing a great event and for the continued Spanish longboard community support. Film/Edit: PerroPro

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