Daily Neruda: Adonic Angela

Alas, fellow fans of Pablo Neruda both old and new, it is time to say goodbye to our dear poet for a time! In the interest of variety and widening our poetic experiences, I will end with this 10th installment of Daily Neruda and move on to another poet we can get to know and love. Maybe I'll come back to our friend Neruda in the future! Which poet will I feature next? You'll have to keep an eye on the Poetry community and see! For now, I end our lovely days of Neruda with one of my favorites, "Adonic Angela." As with some of the other poems, this one is featured prominently in the film Il Postino, I believe when Neruda's protege is learning what a metaphor is. I've linked a video of a beautiful scene from the movie, with audio laid over from the soundtrack featuring a reading of Adonic Angela by Willem Dafoe. I also recommend reading my related Card, "What is a Metaphor and How Do You Make One?": http://www.vingle.net/posts/587315-What-is-a-Metaphor-and-How-to-You-Make-One# "Adonic Angela" By Pablo Neruda Today I stretched out next to a pure young woman as if at the shore of a white ocean, as if at the center of a burning star of slow space. From her lengthily green gaze the light fell like dry water, in transparent and deep circles of fresh force. Her bosom like a two-flamed fire burned raised in two regions and in a double river reached her large, clear feet. A climate of gold barely ripened the diurnal lengths of her body filling it with extended fruits and hidden fire. "Ángela adónica" By Pablo Neruda (Spanish original) Hoy me he tendido junto a una joven pura como a la orilla de un océano blanco, como en el centro de una ardiente estrella de lento espacio. De su mirada largamente verde la luz caía como un agua seca, en transparentes y profundos círculos de fresca fuerza. Su pecho como un fuego de dos llamas ardía en dos regiones levantado, y en doble río llegaba a sus pies, grandes y claros. Un clima de oro maduraba apenas las diurnas longitudes de su cuerpo llenándolo de frutas extendidas y oculto fuego.

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