Fall Leaf Candle Holder

Autumn is coming to an end and you're finding fall leaves all over your garden and backyard. Before you rack them and discard them in the green cart (for compose), gather and save a few leaves. You can reuse them and create awesome accent pieces for your home. Materials: Leaves (real or fake) Mason Jar Sponge Brush (optional) Mod Podge Preparation: Make sure your the jar is clean (on the outside). Wipe off any grease and grime with alcohol. Make sure your leaves are malleable. Bend them a little bit to loosen them up. Method: Dip your brush in the Mod Podge and paint a thin layer on a section of the jar. Once that layer becomes quite sticky, place a leaf on the jar. Paint more Mod Podge on top of the leaf in thin layers, making sure to smooth out the edges. Start in the center of the leaf, and push your way out to the edges with your fingers. Once all the leaves are on, it will take a few hours to dry completely. The tiny edges of the leaves may not stay completely down, but when the look is complete, you may barely even notice.

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