Anyone notice that some guys on here are snobs?! There's guys that love riding longboards and guys that just love the sound of there own voice and the "my opinion is the right one because it's mine" guys. I don't profess to be the fastest stylish or anything when I post a card about me so why do some people feel the need to tell me I should do this or should do that or I'm doing it wrong. Unless I asked if I'm doing it wrong I don't give a fuck! I'm having fun n that's what counts! There's nobody "better" than the other just different maybe but that's what makes us so unique. Some people need to live and let live and if they have that much spare time to criticise other people on there choices then it's obvious there missing something out of there own lives to take time out to criticise others. Let's love live laugh dance sing skate surf and whatever makes you smile because that's what it's about. Where all here for a good time! Not a long time!

Live to longboard
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