Netflix Stremed 19,500,000 Terabytes Of Video In Q1 2014

Netflix streamed 6.5 billion hours of videos in the first In the first quarter of 2014. The average quality of HD brings the total data sent by Netflix in that 3 month period to 19,500,000 terabytes (or 19.5 exabytes). If you don't know what a terabyte is, well it's 1000 gigabytes. Just to help you wrap your head around this a little more I'll write it out, 19,500,000 terabytes is 19.5 billion gigabytes. At this rate Netflix will use 78,000,000 terabytes of data in 2014. This incredible growth in hours viewed is much higher than last years 4 billion hours of videos. What does this mean for the industry? Well, it shows that more and more people are cutting the cord with their cable provides and relying more on services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go and the like.

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