Some Apple Watch Info Gets Spilled? Is it still the game changer it was touted to be?

When Apple announced the pending release of the Apple watch, it was impressive to say the least. It appeared to be one of the most well made watches (from a quaility standpoint) that we had seen, at the time. The feature and innovative use of the standard watch crown stood out the most, with its clean lines and shiny, metallic, elegant looking housing putting the cherry on top. After using a smart watch (Galaxy Gear 2) for some time now...I began to question the feasibility of using all the apps on the watch home screen as Apple described it, even with the use of the crowns zoom feature. on that size screen,'s suited for very quick, one motion interactions. anything more would have to use the phone. Has Apple figured out a way to make the accessibility and usability on this micro screen functional foe prolonged use? We shall see. what are your thoughts?

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