The Walter White principle

If you are in the middle of watching, or plan to watch the TV series, "Breaking Bad", you can go on reading this article without worrying of any spoilers. For the purpose of supporting the idea I am going to present here, I only need the well known synopsis of the series, which is that its about a high school chemistry teacher from Albuquerque, New Mexico, who is diagnosed with incurable cancer and decides to become a drugs maker and dealer, because that is the only way he sees, to cover his medical expenses and leave enough money for his family after he dies. The Walter White principle, then, states that people do not adjust to injustice, in a just way. It should be obvious, shouldn't it? there is a reason why "adjust", "justice" and "just", all come from the same root. And yet, governments and other establishments, often act as if they believe that they can make people quietly accept their inferior status, and deprivation of basic human rights. M. K. Gandhi said, that what is exceptional in an extreme behavior, is the extremity and not the behavior. People pushed to the edge merely reveal in their extreme and usually violent response, what is already flawed in the mainstream society that they are on its fringe. This by no means justifies violent or criminal behavior. But if we want to prevent people from resorting to such acts, perhaps we should pay more attention to things that seem to us as normal, but may push others to the edge.

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