Bundang Cafe Street: Lazy Mint

Lazy Mint is a cute little cafe on Bundang's famous "Cafe Street" in Southern Seoul. It's about 30 minutes from Gangnam station and is much quieter than the busy streets around Gangnam. You can get a "Cube Latte" which comes with chestnut coffee ice cubes! Now that it is nearing Christmas season, the ice cubes are shaped like little gingerbread men :) There is also a "Strawberry Freeze" which is like a very cold smoothie served almost like ice cream! You can get to this area on the Red line from Gangnam Station. Get off at Pankyo Station and head south (I included a map) These pictures are all from this blog, I take no credit for it! http://blog.naver.com/b1acksuit/220171641920

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