Raiders Beat Chiefs To Win First Game in a Year

It took 368 days but the Raiders finally won a game by beating the Chiefs 24-10 stunning everyone in the NFL. Afterwards the Raiders celebrated like they just won the Super Bowl. It was a complete team victory and the game showed why fans should be excited for the future. Rookie QB Derek Carr led them on a game winning drive in the 4th quarter by throwing a TD to James Jones with 1:42 remaining. Their young RB Latavius Murray ran for 2 touchdowns and 112 yards on just 4 carries. 4 carries. What took the Raiders so long to unleash this guy? Their rookie on defense Kahlil Mack was disrupting the Chief's passing game all night as Alex Smith ended up on his ass play after play after play. Are we finally seeing a new start for the Raiders? Or did the Chiefs lay an egg in Oakland? They certainly should have targeted their beastly TE Travis Kelce more early on in the game. Who deserves the blame this game?

It's all about the Bay!
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