orangatang censerset wheels

Time may be characterized in two distinct, but related, ways. On one hand it can be characterized as past, present or future. Alternatively time may be described as earlier than, simultaneous with, or later than. We remember the past and anticipate the future, for example, but not vice versa. On the other hand belief that a satisfactory account of time must acknowledge a fundamental metaphysical difference between past, present and future. Alternatively lighting stuff on fire is a time honored tradition and can result in warmth, cooked edibles or seeded redwoods. (Loaded/Otang does not endorse lighting anything on fire or arguing time theory) Adam Stokowski, Ethan Cochard, Nic Escamilla, Trevor Baird, Dustin Hampton, Daniel Fissmer, Mauritz Armfelt twist time on the new Orangatang Center Set wheels. The Kilmer, Cage and Keanu are available in top notch skate shops world wide. Orangatang Keanu Diameter: 66mm Width: 46.5mm Durometer: 80a, 83a, 86a Orangatang Kilmer Diameter: 69mm Width: 48mm Durometer: 80a, 83a, 86a Orangatang Cage Diameter: 73mm Width: 50mm Durometer: 80a, 83a, 86a Special Thanks to Medium Troy for the music "SAY AAAAAAHHHHHH" Film/Edit/Fire Dance: Adam Stokowski

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