27 Reported Dead After Fiery Crash...

"No escape!" the master guitar thief thought as these two came to block the door and trap him. Knowing he was defeated he hurled himself out of a 37 story window, falling to his death and causing a horrible accident on the road below when his lifeless body liquified as it slammed into the pavement at over 120mph in front of an oncoming commuter bus. The blood and entrails that sprayed the bus's windshield immediately blocked the driver's view. His first reaction was to swerve to avoid the explosion of flesh on the pavement in front of him. He unfortunately turned into oncoming traffic where an SUV full of blinged out gansta rappers was headed straight for the bus. Using the extra centrifugal force provided by the SUV's spinner dubs (they were twenty-fo's), the driver of the SUV swerved, avoiding the bus but hitting a large street post where the SUV, cut in half by the impact immediately exploded, spraying molten gold shrapnel from the rapper's grills and bling into an adjacent outdoor cafe. The death toll was 27.


My collection - Cats Who Guard Guitars - was born from a conversation I had with Alison Webster - a fellow photographer and wife of Death Metal legend Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse). I have done some custom design (paint graphic) work for Alex's guitars in the past. When looking at my collection of cat and guitar photos she commented they looked like "guard cats". I stated they were actually ninja cats and guarded my guitars with a ferocity unmatched in the animal kingdom. She said, "you should write outrageous stories to go along with each photo." And a new obsession was born.

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I'm a director of photography (cinema), commercial illustrator, & Nikon Professional Photographer. I'm the Founder of Summit4CAD.org - Cyclists Against Coronary Artery Disease.
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