Make Your Own Embossed Sweatshirt

Due to the cold weather I tend to stay in my lounge wear all-day when I don't have work. You know, one of those American Apparel or H&M plain sweatshirt? While I like the simplicity of the design I really like add some character (to the plain on sweatshirt). Here's a DIY tutorial on giving your sweater an embossed style. It looks cute when coordinated with a scarf or pom pom beanie. Materials - Metallic pen - X-Acto knife - Letter stickers or stencils - Ruler - Sweatshirt - Tape - Scissors Instructions: You can use a traditional stencil, but in this project font stickers were chosen. Use an X-Acto knife to cut out the center of each letter. Lay out all your letters and use the ruler to make sure they are aligned. Begin painting in the centers of the letters with the metallic pen. Now, you can save your precious voice; the sweatshirt speaks volumes.

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