innovative deck ideas (projec update)

Our project sponsor (fabrications lab teacher) has numerous materials at hand we could use. He recently ordered a ton of aluminum sheets, and has some steel bars. We decided we are going to create a deck that uses these bars as a spine for our longboard, as it puts the bulk of the weight in the middle of the board and therefore could prevent speed wobbles. The first layer is going to be about 3 sheets of aluminum because it will put more weight closer to the ground to make the board more stable, then a layer of rubber to be used as a shock absorber to dampen vibrations. And the last layer will be a few veneers of Canadian maple. The result will hopefully be the perfect downhill Longboarding deck! Look at my other posts on the collection "longboardjng life" to be caught up on this project.

15 year old beginner long boarder
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