For A Worthy Cause...

My good friend, LA musician Nelson Miranda, approached me about doing a green screen photo shoot for he and his (about to be) fiance - wanting to know if I could put them in the center of a full hockey arena. His fiance Christina - has Stage-4 cancer. They've dated for years but when she was diagnosed earlier this year with inoperable brain cancer - Nelson has moved mountains to fill up their time with as many things that makes her happy as possible. And Christina LOVES - and I wish I could make "LOVES" in 200pt font here - she LOVES hockey. They were dressed in their own gear. LOL. They're hard-core fans for sure. I shot them against a green-screen and then used Photoshop to do the rest. It was my gift to them. I believe in miracles. I've seen them happen with my own eyes. So I'm not giving up on these two. I think there's so much love between them; it's a joy to be able to witness such a beautiful thing. I'm honored to now be a very small part - but a part - none the less - of their story.

I'm a director of photography (cinema), commercial illustrator, & Nikon Professional Photographer. I'm the Founder of - Cyclists Against Coronary Artery Disease.
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