How to get sponsored by Rayne Longboards

Think You Have What It Takes? We want to create opportunity and help promote the best riders. If you want to ride Rayne, we ask that you create and submit a video just for us. We know this is a lot of effort, but this video will be your highlight reel that gets us stoked on you, so we think you should be stoked to show us why. (see Terms & Conditions) Follow These Instructions: It doesn't all have to be new footage, and it doesn't have to be on a Rayne board, but it should follow these points: *WEAR A HELMET *Include your Name, Age and City Tell us about you and show your personal steez. Show us your involvement as a competitor and a community member. Give us a clear idea of how we could work together. Display an advanced level of longboarding/skateboarding. Be creative. *Have fun. *Title the Video: I WANT TO RIDE RAYNE LONGBOARDS - [your name] *Upload the video to Youtube. *Email us the link with the title of the video in the subject line (see below). *Wait for our response. *Required Examples: A couple videos that got us stoked and eventually lead to sponsorship... still riding Rayne years later!: Get In Touch When you're ready, send us your video. We're usually pretty busy making longboards, so we don't guarantee we'll respond to everyone with personal feedback, but we'll try. If you really believe you should be riding Rayne, you'll follow the instructions and we'll be in touch. *Email your video to: *Subject line: I WANT TO RIDE RAYNE LONGBOARDS - [your name] *Required Small Print Legal Info/Disclaimer RAYNELONGBOARDS.COM takes no responsibility or accepts any liability what-so-ever for your well being or injuries that result from the participation and act of riding longboards/skateboards or creating these videos. YOU MUST WEAR PROPER SAFETY EQUIPMENT AT ALL TIMES; this should including: Helmet, Elbow & Knee Pads and Slide Gloves. Longboarding/Skateboarding, even when done well, can be a dangerous activity - you need to be careful when you do it. Skate safe and skate smart. Skate within your abilities. Do not skateboard in traffic. Do not try gnarly, ridiculous stuff you know you can’t do. Getting hurt will not impress us. Will will not take responsibility. Get immediate proper treatment for any injuries. Give any injuries proper time to heal. Emails not sent to will not be answered. We reserve the right to offer sponsorship. Creating and submitting a video does not guarantee sponsorship in any way. Waiver of Liability and Indemnity By creating and sending any video to RAYNELONGBOARDS.COM, the individual(s) involved warrant that they do so under their own willingness and judgement are in compliance with their local laws, state laws, provincial laws and federal laws and are legally able to participate in the act of participation and creation of said video and possess the items involved in said act. RAYNELONGBOARDS.COM may not be held responsible for any non-compliance with any of these laws whatsoever. The individual(s) involved warrant that they do so under their own willingness and judgement and absolve RAYNELONGBOARDS.COM of any responsibility, wrong doing or liability what-so-ever in the act of participation and creation of said video.

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