D. JAMES BREAUX: I want to transport my readers into a boldly untrodden and wildly imaginative direction; down fascination boulevard. The sign post ahead advertises otherworldly destinations. Places our emotions are unfamiliar with. Follow me there. A million thank you's for joining the trek. And another million for your thoughts. They are worth more than you know. Like gold. Because if I can capture your imagination, even in small portion, it means the world to me. My heart thinks of you as I write. Each stroke of the key has you in mind, in anticipation of untapped feelings and undetermined destinations. Wondering how my words will affect you and make you feel. Hoping they'll impact you emotionally and inspire you intensely. My promise to you as a writer; treat your imagination to places your emotions have not yet been. Ups to@greggr,@onesmile,@Goyo,@WordDoctor, thanks for the support And thanks to You for graciously giving of your time to read my work. Please comment till your heart’s content. I'll try to reply as much as possible. And please follow, because the trek isn't quite as much fun alone. I hope you enjoy the words, ~ D. James Breaux, #OutlawPoet

 The inspiration for the collection HUMAN CHRONICLES comes from the idea that we must all face adversity in life, and that we all have the ability to overcome. Even when the hours are darkest, when everything seems hopeless. And so the theme of darkness comes and goes throughout the collection, while Adversity juxtaposes Strength. Other somewhat lighter pieces are added on occasion to change it up a bit. And certain pieces will be accompanied by ‘Reflections By The Author’ with Author Notes ~ for a little extra fun.  If you read one or two of my quirky & peculiar frequently abstract preferably complex and hopefully distorted fringe pieces of non-conformist free verse word architecture, you will have cause to wonder ~ what is the agenda of D. James Breaux's muse?? Simple. To detect even the slightest, most remote possibility of anything even vaguely resembling a literary rule or grammatically proper word usage that I haven't yet willfully, purposefully, gleefully, rebelliously, and skillfully ignored, disintegrated, obliterated, mocked, and trounced upon....and freely, with artistic license, turn it upside down....and trounce upon it. And ~ to make my readers go ~ what the frak....and still keep reading.

 PREQUEL: Chaos Theory ~ The unpredictable nature of our world commands us to expect the unexpected. Chaos is the science of disorder and surprise, of nonlinear phenomena, moving at the speed of Life. Don't let it pass you by.  PREQUEL: Uncontent The Tide ~ 'Uncontent' is borne out of the human heart’s constant craving for real, ultimate, lasting happiness. Or even to discover its true meaning. We trick ourselves into thinking it's hard to find. The irony is, it's closer and easier than we think. Imagery runs wild and free ~ i.e. the “brilliant box' symbolizes the human heart. Somewhere along the line, it became jaded.  PREQUEL: “Quietus” ~ Origin MEDIEVAL LATIN: quietus est, death or something that causes death, regarded as a release from life.

Random, abstract splashings from some invisible inkwell in a dusty basement hidden in some parallel universe....#OutlawInCharge ❤️
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