Lee Kwang Soo Gets Romantic on ‘Nice Guy’

Is Lee Kwang Soo finally crushing on Lee Yu Bi? Recent stills for the upcoming episode of SBS’ Nice Guy were revealed, showing Lee Kwang Soo, confessing to Lee Yu Bin using the Love Actually method with a sketchbook. In the drama, Kang Choco (Lee Yu Bi) chased after Park Jae Gil (Lee Kwang Soo), only to be rejected and ignored. The stills revealed a twist, when Park Jae Gil is the one to be confessing to Kang Choco, making viewers wonder if Park Jae Gil’s finally realized who the love of his life is. Netizens, after seeing the adorable pictures, commented, “Is this real, or just a dream?” “I’m so excited to see this scene,” and “They look so adorable together.” Nice Guy airs every Wednesday and Thursday.

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