Suzy of miss A shows off her drawing ability on ‘Strong Heart’

Suzy of miss A can sing, dance, and act. Plus, she can draw! On the special third anniversary episode of SBS’s Strong Heart, which aired on October, Cha Hwa Yeon, Oh Yeon Seo, miss A’s Suzy and Fei, Byul, Lim Yoo Jung, FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki, and Yi Ruma appeared and provided some lively entertainment. Suzy released a drawing she’d created herself in celebration the third anniversary of the show. In the drawing, Emcee Shin Dong Yeop and Lee Dong Wook along with Boom are caricatured. The idol singer’s another―drawing talent―wowed everyone. Netizens responded: “She has her fingers in every pie in an outstanding level.” “She seems to be good at everything, even drawing.” “I wish to have the drawing of Lee Dong Wook.” Meanwhile, pianist Yi Ruma said of his somewhat tricky name. His name, which sounds like a Japanese one, often gives a false impression about his nationality, misleading people to believe he is Japanese. Source: Xportsnews

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