Staying Slim This Holiday Season

You're halfway through this year's holiday season, with Halloween and Thanksgiving now in the past. The only problem is, at least in my family, December is a non-stop eating fest filled with Christmas and birthday parties, not to mention New Years. How can we keep our health while still enjoying the holidays to the fullest? Here are some ideas: 1. Pick a healthy eating habit and stick to it - It can be anything from not drinking alcohol to skipping the appetizers, just pick one rule! Don't be unrealistic and try to skip the appetizers...and dessert...and all of your happiness... 2. Scout the buffet - Or send your friend on a reconnaissance mission. Check out what looks awesome so you don't load up your plate before you see the really delicious looking something-or-other at the end of the table. Plan your plate before you grab your food! 3. Make water your new wingman - you are less likely to snack when your hands are full, especially when you have a drink in your hand. Instead clutching that bottle of wine, grab a nice glass of water. 4. Three bite rule - For that luscious pumpkin pie: Use the first bite as your taste test. Is it worth another bite? If you make it to the second bite, mentally note what flavors you taste. When bite three rolls around, really savor your treat, and keep savoring it if you choose to finish it. Truly enjoying what you eat helps you feel more satisfied!

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