Give back this holiday season with the Give app

The holidays are a wonderful time of year because we are able to spend time with family and friends to celebrate. Many of us pull our hair trying to find the perfect present for everyone. One thing I find very important is donating to charities. I really like to commit to a 1 or 2 charities, but it is nice to spread some extra holiday cheer during this season! Give is a charitable donation app where you search a database of over 1.9M nonprofits and make a tax deductible donation. Non profits are able to host fundraisers and receive tax-free donations. You are also able to share your favorite nonprofit news and events on social media. What I really like about this app is that you are able to find a charity based on keywords, categories, name and location. This means you can find a local charity and donate to a cause right by your home! Take a moment to look into this app and donate to a non-profit that supports a cause that you are passionate about! Check out the iOS app here:

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