Euro 2016 Qualifying: A Look at Group G

In the 7th of the 9 groups, Group G offers an interesting scenario for Euro 2016 Qualifying. 1st Place - Austria Austria have come a lone way since their 2008 co-hosting of the Euros. They have improved as a side but were still expected to struggle against Russia, Sweden, and to a lesser extent, Montenegro. They have been the big surprise so far however, including a 1-0 win at home over the Russians. They will need another 4 wins from their remaining 6 games in order to secure the qualification, but sitting 4 points atop the pile is certainly not a bad way to help your chances. 2nd Place - Sweden Sweden's been able to do well amid Zlatan Ibrahimovic's absence with an ankle injury. Their draws with Austria, Russia, and certainly Montenegro will leave them wanting more, but still undefeated through 4 they sit in a decent enough position. 3rd Place - Russia Fabio Capello was a wonderful club manager, but he is the example case of how sometimes that doesn't translate onto the international scene. While I think he did alright with England, his ventures with Russia have been very disappointing. The problems off the pitch don't help either, with the Russian FA claiming they can't afford to pay the wages of their manager. After the disappointing World Cup performance and now defeat at the hands of the Austrians, Russia are behind the 8 ball in terms of winning the group, but Sweden's 3 draws have helped keep them within a point of the automatic qualifying places, which could turn out to save their graces. 4th Place - Montenegro 4th Place is not necessarily where I expected Montenegro, but I wouldn't put it past them to qualify if they could pip Russia for 3 points. This is a side that almost beat England to the post in the World Cup qualifying before failing to win their 2nd place playoff for a trip to Brazil. 2nd or 3rd place is not beyond this team if they can crank out a big result or two versus the current top three. 5th Place - Liechtenstein Liechtenstein are a country getting better, but are not quite there yet in terms of qualification. Their 4 points shows their improvements from a minnow to a potential contender. You could make the argument that only being 2 points out from the automatic qualification spots leaves the door open for them to spring a surprise, but the quality of play is not there for them to do so. 6th Place - Moldova The true minnows, Moldova are not particularly a great footballing nation and their qualification campaign should come to reflect that as they should finish 4th. The 1-1 draw with Russia was impressive, but they may not muster any more points for the rest of the campaign.

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