My introduction!

Hey guys so I decided to follow in many of your footsteps and post my own introduction, so here it is: My name is Ben Kaplan (Shocker haha :D). I am one of your moderators! Im 15, nearly 16 years old. I've been skating for 3-4 years. I started of skateboarding, which was fun and all, but about 2 years ago, i fell in love with longboarding after I tried my friends sector 9 Pintail. My sister bought me my first board, an atom dropdeck, for my 14th birthday. Ever since then i've been addicted. I currently own 3 boards, excluding my old skateboard. As a side hobby, I 3d design on my computer, as you guys have seen with that longboard design i posted about a while ago (fingers crossed ill get it made!) I live in Hewlett, New York (aka misserable longboarding flatland -_-) The 3rd picture (hopefully posted ib the right order) is my wounderful baby :3 . Yes shes a skater just to lazy to join the community, but ill convince here eventually ;) Anyway in conclusion, this community is my paradise, so I'd like to extend my thanks to all of you here!

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