New Maná Single Will Feature Shakira

So in case you didn't know, Shakira is possibly my favorite person ever. And while Maná gives me flashbacks to AP Spanish Lit projects, I still love them with all of my heart. So when I saw the announcement that they will be collaborating, I literally jumped for joy. This weekend, Shakira and the supergroup collaborated on a music video shoot in Barcelona for "Mi Verdad" (My Truth), the first single from Maná's upcoming studio album. Did I mention Shakira is pregnant? Does she ever take a day off?! I'll update you all when the song is finally released! The new Maná album is expected in March and the single will go to radio in January. In the meantime you can listen to a Shakira classic and one of my favorite songs by Maná to get a taste of what might be coming our way!

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