Fly Reel: Nautilus NV G-8 ($670)

The Nautilus NV G-8 won Yellowstone Angler's 8-weight Reel Shootout, so I think we know it's a good rod! It's also got a huge price tag, though, so I'd like to know if it's worth it. I'm gathering up some reviews in one place just to get a better idea of if this rod is worth the hype. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Yellowstone Angler: * G8 on an NV 10/11 * very light * smooth drag * larger than most 8-weight reels * incredibly easy drag adjustment * smooth retrieval * large handles * backing capacity up to 220 yd. of the new 68 lb. PE backing. * four sets of ball bearings they use and the carbon fiber drag disc in the NV * not easy to switch from RH to LH * less drag sound than other reesl * FUN to fish! * needs a little more range of drag adjustment between .5 and 3 pounds. See more: ------------------------------------------------------------------- BrianII at FlyFishing Addicts: * doesn't get banged up easily * helps the line dry out with the ports * "no think" reel AKA you can just fish. You don't have to focus on or worry about the reel causing you unnecessary problems. See more: -------------------------------------------------------- From Toothy Critters: * NV-G8. It has the size of a 10-11 size reel with a Spool that fit to 8 weight reel * biggest advantage of the Giga spools are the bigger diameter * incredibly lightweight See more:

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