Shrinking Your Waist with Tea

Tea is great for your skin, your mood, and your metabolism, but three teas in particular are fantastic for burning that unwanted belly fat. I have explained the benefits of these teas below, but for more information on fat-burning tea check out this card: White tea White tea is 'young tea' that is filled with antioxidants that will get fat cells to stop growing. It will allow your body to release the fat it has stored, seriously reducing your tummy fat. Over a 12 week period studies showed the majority of participants lost 10% of their original waist size by drinking 2 cups of hot white tea a day. Oolong Tea Oolong tea is somewhere in between a green tea and a darker tea, giving it a smooth taste. This tea also releases belly fat like white tea, but it is especially good for increasing your metabolism. It is possible to lose up to an inch off your waist by consuming 4 cups a day for a month. Yerba Mate Mate is know for its energizing ability, but this very bitter tea is also great for stimulating your metabolism. As an added bonus, it kills cravings too! Try drinking 1 cup within 30 minutes of waking up each day to burn fat all over. Be sure to not add dairy/soy milk as it will reduce power of antioxidants!

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