Book v. Movie: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I've wanted to do a Book v. Movie card for all of J.R.R. Tolkien's books in order to compare them to Peter Jackson's films for some time now, but I haven't yet been able to settle down a way to do it. Why? Because I have WAY too much to say! Like the Harry Potter series, the LOTR series is really two separate beasts for me: the movie series and the book series. I don't personally have a huge problem with Jackson's adaptations, I just feel that they're not the same stories. Too many plot points, too many characters and too many scenes are significantly different for me to be able to feel like they are one-in-the-same. The Hobbit, for me, encountered the same problem! I can't understand how a very short book (intended by it's author) had to become three movies! I was OK with two movies, because I agree that there are two big "battles" in the book that would suit two movies better than one, but moving to three seemed like a ridiculous idea to me. Additionally, I have so many problems with the forced characterization, unfamiliar feel of the action, and other issues, that I don't know where to begin. I enjoyed the movie, I enjoyed the book, I just don't think they're the same. This video reviews The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey through the lens of comparing it to the original book, and I agree with nearly all of the sentiments explained.The entire video is in 7 parts, and it so thoroughly touches on the issues that I had with the movie adaptation as well, that I recommend all JRR fans watch the whole thing!! Part 1: Characterization of The Dwarves Part 2: Characterization of Thorin and Bilbo. The Narrative Structure: why 3 films is unnecessary. Part 3: How the prequel trilogy set up things for the already existing LOTR trilogy. The problem with Prequels and Characters we can't believe. Also, the huge problem with the Hobbit stealing exact cinematography techniques from the LOTR series. It's old, and we totally notice it! Part 4: The begin of the end: how the beginning of the Hobbit sets up the end. The never ending exposition. And how Azog didn't surprise us. Not at all. Part 5: Radagast the Unnecessary (seriously there is only one sentence about him in the book at that point), why Gandalf is annoying, and nothing has happened yet and we are over 1 hour into the movie. The movie keeps stopping the plot! Part 6: Rivendeluge... of Pointlessness--why is our time being wasted! This movie still isn't moving along. Can we keep moving I don't want to see any more goblins, especially not singing and dancing (re: the Extended edition)? Part 7: Finally, it's over. But not without even more unnecessary, forced entertainment. All in all, I really love this (incredibly long, but incredibly awesome) review of the film. It's educational, it gives both praises and criticisms, and is just so fantastically honest about all the problems with the movie made by Jackson. The movie's major problem was it attempting to force itself to be more entertaining, more dramatic than it needed to me. We didn't need to meet the level of Return of the King drama or action, and yet, Jackson tried by (literally) mimicking his earlier work. What did you think of the Unexpected Journey, both by Tolkien and Jackson?

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