Protests In San Francisco Over Ferguson Issue

An initially peaceful Black Friday protest over a grand jury’s decision not to indict a Ferguson, Missouri police officer in the Michael Brown case turned ugly. Stores in San Francisco’s Union Square were vandalized and protesters clashed with police in multiple locations. Earlier, clashes in Union Square took place after protesters marching down Market Street from the Embarcadero were prevented from joining another group of protesters that gathered near the annual Macy’s tree lighting. Some stores had windows broken, storefronts were vandalized and bottles were thrown at officers. It seems this issue over the Ferguson trial has angered many throughout the nation. I am all for people protesting, I think it's fine. I draw issue from those who vandalize stores and other property during the protest, but I understand that it is a way to be heard. At least there is not looting, because I believe looting is a selfish act that allows individuals to take advantage of chaos, it does nothing for the message and it is ultimately pointless.

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