My name is Mumtaz Muhammad and I am helping my girlfriend Cianelle Maala (in the picture) to pay to go to Roosevelt University. For years, she has been putting up with her parents' shit and to be honest, I am prioritizing with helping her pay to move out because I don't want them to hurt her any further. They neglect her, disrespect her, shove tons of responsibility in her face, and credit her for nothing. Whenever she would try to ask for anything she'd be condemned for being "selfish" and degraded to tears. This has gotten worse and worse over the recent months and due to an especially recent incident, I simply cannot stand for her to be in that house. All she needs is about $1500 to get her started. We've been budgeting to figure out the rest. As little as one dollar will go a long way. Please consider this. Thanks you all!

I'm a college student who just got into to skating. I also love to bike, play piano, and watch any kind of show (anime included).
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