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There are many English tutoring services available online, and many of those are aimed at peer correction in a way that allows both sides to benefit, but I never really gave many of those services a chance. However, a friend of mine recently asked me to give the beta version of a service called Chatting Cat a try, so I did, and I'm happy to say that I have really been enjoying it! The goal of this service, according to the site, is to connect those who want help with their written English, with those who are willing to help! In order to keep the quality of the corrections consistent, you must take a quiz to prove that you are a fluent English speaker. When I took the quiz, it took 2-3 days to be approved. I've only tried the site as a tutor, not a student, so I'll be writing this from the tutor perspective. Once you enter the site, it's pretty easy to understand. (see the images!) You can see a list of chats that need corrected under "Chat List" on the Home tab. Here, you can click "Commit" on any chat you are interested in correcting. Each correction has a time limit and catnip value. The longer it is, the more time you will have to complete it. The more catnip the chat is worth, the more you can earn! You earn as a tutor on Chatting Cat by cashing in the "catnip" you earn by correcting chats. There are two steps to this, though. First, the chat you correct has to be accepted and rated by the student. Once you have done over 20 chats and have above a 4 star rating, you can begin to cash out catnip via check or paypal. Pretty easy, I think! If I am dedicated to only working on Chatting Cat and there are many students online, I can make over 100 catnip in an hour, which equates to about 10 dollars! However, this isn't always the case, as the service is still growing. While I wish there was a better way to interact with the students (sometimes, I will correct a chat, and they will not accept it, but ask me for further clarification in their message. I cannot attempt to correct it again to answer them, though, and there is no way for me to message them back.), but overall I like this service. The window has sound effects (which can be turned off) that alert you when a new chat is added. This is great for having on while you are working on other projects: the small ding let's you know that if you have a few minutes to take a break, you can correct some chats! If you're at all interested in writing, and helping others find their voice in English, I highly recommend trying this service! Try it here:

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