Song Joong Ki shows off his clear-cut features

Pictures of actor Song Joong Ki were recently released. On October 12, KBS’s series Innocent Man released pictures of Song with the caption, “Ma Roo is drawing clouds on a wall.” On the scene, Song (plays the role of Kang Ma Roo) meets Moon Chae Won (plays the role of Seo Eun Ki) for the first time in a year. Moon draws a picture of Song and Song sees her on his way to home. Then they make a new story on the series. In the pictures, Song is wearing a navy shirt and black pants. He is drawing a lot of attention by brushing back his bangs to reveal his forehead. Song is also having fun drawing the clouds with a blue crayon on the wall. People who saw the pictures responded: “He looks really good with his new hairstyle.” “He is so attractive.” “I didn’t know Song was this attractive.” “Song and Moon look good together.”

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