Manicure Monday: Polka Dot Santa Nails

There's only a couple of days before Christmas! Here's a last minute easy nail art to try for your holiday party! Bring out your gold and white while you're at it! Materials: - base coat - your favorite red polish - white polish - silver polish - topcoat Tools: - dotting tool Instructions: 1. Start by applying a base coat on your nails. 2. Apply your nude polish on all of your nails. For this kind of design, I wanted to use a nude shade that was opaque rather than sheer. 3. Once your base polish is dry, use your dotting tool to create white, red, and silver dots on the nails that won’t have Santa hats. Here’s a tip — using less polish and using a lighter touch will create smaller dots, while more polish and a heavier touch will create larger dots. I like using a combination of large and small dots to create a more playful design. 4. Now use your favorite red polish brush to paint a triangle at the tip of the nail, with the point of the triangle reaching the middle of the nail. 5. Dip your dotting tool in the white polish and create and dab a few dots at the tip of the triangle to create the pom-pom of the Santa hat. 6. Use the same technique to dab white dots on the very tip of your nail to create the brim of the Santa hat. 7. Once dry, top with your favorite top coat.

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