A meeting by chance

A little winter wonderland, That's what I thought. I first met you, the first time I was approached by someone like you. I though you were different. I thought you were the one. Yes... I thought. I guess I thought wrong. The warmth of your hand became the warm in my heart. Just by shaking your hand that felt like an eternality. We held as if we knew each other a lifetime. I couldn't help to giggle and smile. The jokes you made was all that mattered. I still remember as if it was yesterday. I wish it was yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Three things that caught me in your web. Just those three things made my head spin. Your smile was one of them. That smile alone make me blush and grin from cheek to cheek. Your Humor, oh no your humor. Made my worries melt and made me only think of you. Your kindness. What a gentlemen I have ever seen in my life. I wished for you to be my gentlemen for my whole life. But I guess it's late and never.. My phone will never ring.....

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