Holla! Gwen Stefani is Back With a Wicked Video!

It has been way too long since we last heard from Gwen Stefani, in my opinion - and I'm not counting that last No Doubt album. It was okay. Some songs were really jammin. But as a die-hard, longtime No Doubt fan, "okay" just didn't feel good enough. Now it seems we're going to get a little old school with Gwen's new solo album - and that's good news to me! It's no secret - there's now a music video out there for "Spark the Fire," a new song also featuring Pharrell Williams. In the song she says: "Finally remembering what is me - that is what happens when I get with P." Visually and musically it combines some of my favorite parts of solo Gwen and No Doubt. A crazy color palette, a sick club beat, a playful punk edge, and of course, that awesome Gwen Style, pre-glam. As Gwen told ABC News, “It’s kind of a clash of this punk rock, kind of old-school feeling, club feeling, but [with] this really modern emoji world, and it just looks really cool together.” They really decided to hit the emoji hard on this one, with OMGs, LOLs and LUVs all over the place. I have to say it got to me after the first couple of minutes, when I started feeling like the video was throwing up text messages. But I loved the way the video went back to Gwen and No Doubt's roots by referencing the punk and club scene and some wicked outfits. I love her style now, but I really miss her older style, before she went glitzy. Can't blame her though - we all change over the years - she has a right to as well! But it feels good to have that other Gwen back. Her black-dipped hairstyle is SO COOL. She also did a performance of the song on The Voice with Pharrell - and some life-sized emoji! Takes me back to the awesome set for the Tragic Kingdom tour. I'm so excited for the album now! It comes out later this month. I included both the music video and the performance here - so check them out and tell me what you think! What do you prefer, old school No Doubt Gwen, new school glam Gwen, or new-old-school Throwback Gwen?

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