Super Cute DIY Owl Ornaments!

Now that my son is a little bit older, I'm so excited to do some Christmas crafting together. I came across this super cute set of DIY owl ornaments by Jessica Levitt on her site, Juicy Bits (link attached). I love working with felt, and the cutting and sewing looks pretty darn simple. I think the little guy will be in charge of selecting colors and putting the pieces together. I added some additional details of my own to the tutorial. The materials you'll need include: - Various colors of wool felt - Brightly colored thread. Kelly from uses DMC embroidery floss and doubles it up for felt sewing. I attached a tutorial video of that process by Bari J. - A sturdy needle. Kelly suggests a medium-length embroidery needle, but really most will work as long as they're not too small. - Scissors - Buttons for eyes - Pretty ribbon to make the hanging loop - Wavy ribbon for the belly - Cotton for stuffing Basically, you just: 1. Print out the pdf patterns Jessica posted on her page (link attached). 2. Cut out one of each piece from wool felt, except 2 of the body. 3. Sew the pieces to the body front in your desired arrangement, using the photos for reference. Sew the wavy ribbon onto the belly before the wings, then overlap. Kelly from suggests using a whip stitch. You can get more details on that type of stitch here: 4. The wings should overlap the belly slightly, and the eyes should slightly overlap the beak. 5. Sew on the button eyes. 6. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to make a loop that will go over your branches. 7. Loop the ribbon, place the edges together and sew onto the top of the owl. 8. Sew the back body piece to the front body piece by stitching around the edge, but leave slightly open for stuffing. 9. Stuff the body with some cotton. 10. Finish sewing it up! There you have it, lovely owl Christmas ornaments! Hang them up and enjoy!

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