Young love

At first when I met you You were too good to be true But the more I got to know you The more my heart gave way My head told me to be cautious My gut, be careful But my heart was different It said, don't be afraid I began to stumble And fall into your charms That, I ignored the signs That you hinted me I was so blind You had me in the palms of your hand How so naive was I So gullible, I was I now try to cover Up the uncovered wounds They don't bleed But the pain hurts so much My tears flow like a river My body weak and numb My heart in so much pain Singing its song Its song of betrayal Its song of longing Its song of hope Its song of its past unrequited love My body writhes in pain When love is mentioned I hide in a shell Of my sorrowful past I then see a flower So I took a look outside of my shell It was yellow and bright And so I slowly began to go out I see the bright, yellow sun And a field of wild flowers I run into it That I seem to forget My sorrows and pain for a while That I seem to let go And begin to hope I then look up at the sky To see a rainbow So many colours Just as many experiences I'll have When I realise that I can Live my life And Love again

Life is a bitch... if it was a hoe; it'd be too easy.
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