Traveling and Beauty Products: What You Need

I always thought I would be the type to throw some clothes in a backpack and travel the world for months. Turns out, I'm a little bit more high maintenance than I thought. I still pack only the essentials, but my definition of essentials' seems to be different than most. Here are some rules that I live by when it comes to packing beauty products. 1. Figure out your essentials. Which items are absolutely necessary for you? For me, that’s eyeliner, mascara, and chapstick. I can do without the rest if I need to. I don’t wash my hair often and don't need to use a hairdryer or curling iron on a trip. Those things take up seriously souvenir space! Be sure to pay attention to TSA guidelines and think about what you could buy when you get to your destination (for example, chapstick is $1 at the airport^^) 2. Split ‘em up. Pack a small makeup bag in your purse including your toothbrush. You never know who you’ll meet on a plane or where you'll have to go right afterwards! Have your liquids in a separate bag so if your lotion pops you wont lose all of your supplies. Also, try to bring multitasking products like BB cream, which is lotion, sunscreen, and cover-up! 3. Shrink ‘em down. I love everything travel sized and always gravitate towards that section of Target regardless of whether or not I'm planning a trip. Sephora sells perfume supplies that allow you to only along a small amount of perfume rather than a large bottle. Keep your eye out for TSA approved kits :) 4. Are you gonna be on a really long flight? Definitely pack some face wipes to freshen up before you land. Any kind will do, just as long as they are moist towlettes. Try a calming fragrance (or no fragrance at all) like cucumber. You'll feel more awake and much more refreshed afterwards. There are also plenty of mists that you could use to moisten your face as well. Also be sure to drink a ton of water on your flight; you’ll pee all the time, but you won’t get dehydrated. 5. Be considerate. When you’re flying (or on a train, bus, small car, etc) don’t wear a loud perfume. Perhaps your seat-mate is allergic. 6. Checking a bag? If you’re bringing along products like shampoo and lotion, wrap them in a towel or a plastic bag so they don’t leak all over your stuff. Especially in airplanes, the change of pressure can make a serious mess of your liquids!

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