Dipped Pine Cone Wreath

Give your home a rustic style by decorating with dipped pine cone wreath! Materials: Brown spray paint 16" Styrofoam wreath Wire 50 large-sized pine cones 100 medium-sized pine cones 30 mini pine cones White latex paint Rod Paint tray Glue gun Ribbon Instructions: 1. Spray paint three-quarters of the Styrofoam wreath brown and let fully dry. Leave the remaining quarter white. 2. Using a piece of wire secured to the base of the pine cone, dip directly into the paint can. Once completely covered, attach the other end of the wire to a rod and let drip dry into a paint tray. Repeat this process with a selection of different-sized pine cones. Let fully dry. (Note: When pine cones get wet, they have a tendency to close up, so you may need more than you think.) 3. Using a glue gun, adhere the unpainted large- and medium-sized pine cones to brown-painted section of the wreath, holding each in place until the glue hardens. Use the small pine cones to fill in any gaps. 4. Finish with the white-painted pine cones using the same method described above. 5. Hang in a spot indoors with a pretty ribbon.

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