My Love Song Playlist!!!

So here is my first official playlist, I hope you enjoy this, it's actually much harder than I thought it would be XD@SakuraBlossom96 you were waiting for me to do one I believe :) This is in no particular order 1.Falling in Love - Uniq So maybe it's a little cliche but who cares lol it's still a great song :) 2. Heaven - Ailee Ok so contrary to what you might think, the figure in this MV is not a Korean Jesus, but rather her dear departed boyfriend watching over her, even when she has moved on and found someone else. 3. I Love You - 2NE1 As the title suggests, this is indeed a love song, but I am left wondering who is it they love?? I think I'm pretty safe to assume that it's me XD 4. Loving U - Sistar So here's another song being sung to me, I know I'm pretty lucky :P 5. G.R.8.U - VIXX This song is so awesome and catchy, and to all the girls here, you get to be the lucky ones this time, this one isn't about me XD 6. Stay With Me - Taeyang (feat. G-Dragon) Pretty sure almost any girl would be more than happy to accept their invitation :) 7. Only One - BoA So I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before or not but I freaking love BoA and this is one of my favourite songs by her :D 8. Mr. Chu - A Pink So just incase anyone was confused "Chu" is another way of writing the sound a kiss makes. 9. The Promise - Jay Park So if you guys don't know the english lyrics they are really worth it, and yes there are some shirtless scenes for some of you to gawk at in this... Your welcome XD 10. You & I - IU This song is so amazing, and IU is just perfect <3 sorry that the MV is so long, but it is worth a watch :) And there you have it my playlist of 10 love songs. Sorry it took so long but when it came to thinking of love songs I just drew a mental blank XD there are so many more I could have added, I can't think of many of them right now, but unfortunately the limit is 10... Anyway I seriously hope you enjoyed this list. I'd love to see some playlists of your favourite love songs :) so feel free to share them and tag me so I can clip them to the collection :) Also make sure you check out the playlists@nenegrint14 and@aabxo have made as well, they are pretty awesome :) Credit to the owners of all these videos :)

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