Winter Trail: Cheese and Pepperoni

The ideal winter trail food is high in carbohydrates and protein. Trail mix is the perfect snack as it's easy to pop in your mouth while keeping a move on. One way to get a good bit of all of these things is to bring bread, pepperoni and cheese as a way to get some of these things during an easy snack break! Or, you can put them in a baggie that is easily accessible while your bag is still on your back (think front or fanny pack). Soft goat cheese is easy to pack on winter hikes and doesn’t melt all over the container you keep it in! You can find great three packs at Trader Joes, or any other store. If you don't like goat cheese, another will work, but I really recommend it! It comes in many flavors, too. Pepperoni or a sausage is great protein source, and it can be cut up to be kept in the same package with the cheese. If you want to bring bread along, too, you've got a great snack that I like to enjoy at home before hiking, or on the trail! Either way, the combination of cheese, pepperoni and bread or crackers is a great combination of fats and carbs that will keep you healthy--and energized!--when hiking in the cold winter season. For more info and tips on winter trail nutrition, check out this collection:

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