Latest Frozen Cross-Over - The Simpsons?!

If getting more Frozen in the show Once Upon a Time isn't your thing - maybe you'd enjoy Queen Elsa better in...The Simpsons? If you're like me and millions of others (don't have an exact number on that haha), you are a big appreciator of the intro couch gag. Brilliant! Well, I always look forward to the seasonal episodes because they just seem to step it up for those. I was pretty delighted to see that they chose, of course, an "Obligatory 'Frozen' Reference" this year. They released the clip, from this Sunday's episode "I Won't Be Home for Christmas" (HAH!). It's from Animation Domination on YouTube, and it's attached here! How do you think this opener stacks up among some of the other ones? For some holiday spirit, I also included what is apparently the very first Simpson's Christmas short. Can anyone confirm?

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