one race: human

The truth is... We're all evil And naive And selfish And angry And judgemental We fight And we take We build and we burn But sometimes and for some a lot of the time, We choose to be nice We choose to be good To help those we feel need it And it makes us feel good. It's a trade Help and or advise For the love of saving one another. We all are human and sometimes we do wrong and know it But what really defines us as people is when, why and how often we choose the other route. It's easy to hate and be angry But it takes a lot out of you to forgive and not only want but to choose to love. Well over any other emotion Love conquers It's the tortoise in this rabbit race.

Some people are so amazing, to turn a strangers frown upside-down.
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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