Geeky Gift Guide #1: The Walking Dead Comics

Help your friend or loved one geek out on their favorite characters from The Walking Dead with either the Compendium or Omnibus editions of the comic by Robert Kirkman, with art by Charlie Adlard. It's okay if they've seen all of the show. The AMC series overlaps some, but many plot lines and characters went in a very different direction from the comic. There will be plenty of new material. And what spreads contagious holiday cheer than rabid zombies, amiright? Omnibus Vol. 1: Extremely Huge Deluxe Hardcover Includes the first 24 issues Recommended if you want to splurge and look impressive. It is almost impossible to shelve, but a true fan will painstakingly construct a shelf solely for the purposes of displaying their beloved tome. Make sure it's double-reinforced for weight. Compendium Vol. 1: Very Thick and Heavy Paperback Includes the first 48 issues This edition does not look as impressive, but you get more bang for your buck. I personally almost never open my Omnibus editions, but I used the Compendiums to actually do my reading of the comic. Also, it includes more of the comic in each volume. Image credit:,

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