Champions League Predictions

Ahead of tomorrow's Champions League, let's make predictions about who gets in and who is left out to dry. Group A Juventus - Atletico Madrid Pick: 1-1 It's the last group game and Atletico need to advance as group leaders so they will be playing to at draw a side that won't worry too much about the rest of the group. Olympiakos - Malmo Pick: 2-1 Malmo aren't push overs but Olympiakos are too good for them and hungry for the last 16. They need a win and Juve loss. They'll get one and not the other. Standings: 1. Atletico 2. Juve 3. Olympaikos 4. Malmo Group B Liverpool - Basel Pick: 0-1 Liverpool have just been poor and Basel are a side who know how to spring an upset. Can easily see Basel knocking out the Reds. Real Madrid - Ludogorets Pick: 3-1 Ludogorets were always the underdogs and they won't beat Real's quality. Standings: 1st - Real - LOCKED 2nd - Basel 3rd - Liverpool 4th - Ludogorets Group C Benefica - Bayer Leverkusen Pick: 0-0 Leverkusen have the best chance of advancing as group winners, but I don't fancy them to by their own accord. Monaco and Zenit are going to be right there to dethrone them if they slip but I don't Leverkusen to really go for the throat. Monaco - Zenit St Petersburg Pick: 1-2 Monaco have been on the decline and Zenit the rise. Really this game will be difficult for both teams but I expect a well disciplined Zenit side to snatch the last 16 from Monaco. Standings: Leverkusen Zenit Monaco Benefica Group D Borussia Dortmund - Anderlecht Pick: 3-0 Dortmund have saved their best play for the Champions League and they will be no different here. Group winners is an easy grab for them. Galatasary - Arsenal Pick: 1-2 Arsenal will trail early but Galatasary have really stumbled and fallen in quality under Manchini (who was just let go this season). Arsenal will win and finish 2nd. Standings: Dortmund Arsenal Ander Gala Group E Bayern Munich - CSKA Moscow Pick: 4-1 Bayern are too much quality for CSKA and they'll see their aspirations collapse here. Roma - Manchester City Pick: 2-1 Manchester City are peaking just at the right time, but they are still defensively vulnerable and Roma has just the right amount of experience to punish them for it. Standings: Bayern - LOCKED Roma CSKA City Group F Ajax - APOEL Pick: 1-1 Ajax are just the slightly better team and are only playing for the Europa League here. The draw will get them in. Barcelona - PSG Pick: 3-1 Both teams are probably to start a few reserves having already made it to the next round. They don't call is the Camp Nou trap for no reason though and Barca will squeak buy as winners. Standings: Barca PSG Ajax APOEL Group G Chelsea - Sporting Pick: 1-1 Chelsea are expected to start Costa but will most likely start a few reserves as their place atop the group is locked. Should still manage a draw. Maribor - Schalke Pick: 0-2 Schalke are on the rise under Di Matteo and I fancy them to win but lose out on Champions League. Standings: Chelsea Sporting Schalke Maribor Group H Athletic Bilbao - BAET Borisov Pick: 1-0 The only game in the group that means anything, Bilbao have a better quality and I expect it to show in the match. Porto - Shakhtar Donetsk 0-0 Could be a great matchup if both teams were at full strength, but they won't be and it'll be the boring match of the round. Standings: Porto - LOCKED Donetsk - LOCKED Bilbao Borisov

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