Love song Playlist Challange

1. 2NE1- 너 아님 안돼 l love this song, mostly because it hits me right in the heart but come on it is 2NEFREAKING1!! (How can you not like it???) 2. BTS- Coffee Okay when I bought BTS album O!RUL8,2? this song just brought me back to my Italian roots and my love for coffee <3 3. BTS- Boy In Love I just like the bad boy feel of this song and reminds me girls aren't the only ones crazy in love. I never met a guy who has said "I WILL be your Boyfriend" 4. GOT7- I Like you This song is very different but I fell in love with it to the point I learned the dance. 5. GOT7- A~ Just reminds a cute way to holler at an attractive person "Hey Girl!" 6. 엠블랙- 남자답게 AH! this song... I just can't- I die every time I hear it lol 7. miss A- Hush This always reminds me I can be a powerful woman and be sexy at the same time (Which I am not) keke 8. 블락비- Her Let us not forget how cute this is! 9. Beast- Good Luck and lastly after every Love song there is heartbreak.

uh, Wakarimasen.
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