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Kim Heechul's doubtful enquiry to his mother. When i say "mom, i'm going to date a girl. I'm going crazy for being lonely." My mom would say "young man. Think of the fans and be careful. It's good for you but the fans are watching" and then on some days, I'll say "mom, I'll just stay single for the rest of my life keke" and she would say "young man. You should get married. I want to have grandchildren soon " ?????????????????? So according to my mom, I can't date but I should get married. ps. tell my mom everything when I have a girlfriend. But in my 32 years, you have never seen my girlfriend.. One of the things my mom frequently says to me "you broke up again? Just don't date. Don't hurt the precious daughter from another homes" ?????????????? MOM?? #agreestogetmarriedbutdisagreestodating Caption in the pic:Mymom: Don't be difficult. I want grandchildren Heechul: I want that too...Mymom: I'm looking forwad (to seeing you) in *Superman is back~*A korean t.v show with parents and their kids*** Source of the trans. WorldwideELFs

Heechul(SuperJunior) ・ Donghae(SuperJunior) ・ Eunhyuk(SuperJunior) ・ Kyuhyun(SuperJunior)
I'm a K-pop fan and a devoted ELF. My biases are Heechul and Eunhyuk, and my favorite thing to do is watch anime, sleep and eat lol
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