Winter Trend: Boots with Socks

If there's one trend you have to pick up this winter it has to be boots with socks. Winter is a time to bundle up and show "no-skin" but there's something we want to show off, the adorable festive-colored and patterned socks. How to style it? Up, Up, & Away: Over-the-knee boots are a big trend this season. You can wear it with leather skirts, tweed shorts, or skinny jeans then top it with a pair of comfy knee-high socks for a sleek look. Peek-A-Boo Style: Wear a cut-out boot that shows contrast with the sock color. Looks best with a floral flock! Exposed Socks Route: Wear an ankle pant that show off the quirky prints with a dessert wedge boot. Layer It Up: Bring this fall trend to winter with knee high socks. Take it to the hipster level by pairing ribbed socks with tights, lace-up boots and your favorite dress. Over the Jeans: What's better than throwing on a vintage Fair Isle sweater, a pair of boots with chunky marled socks? Go Neutral: If you live in climate that allows you to bear the cold temperature then bare legs are a go. Keep the layer look on top and finish off with a pair of flat boots and beige colored socks. Casual and Cool: In a rush? Put on your favorite jean, riding boots and ruffled over-the-knee socks and you're good to go. Image source: Atlantic-Pacific, Lee Oliveira, Kendi Everyday, Visionary Dreams, Classy Girls Wear Pearls, The Sartorialist, The College Prepster

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