HYUNA 2nd mini album 'Melting'/ICE CREAM

Hyunah's "Melting" Pushed Back to October 22, EP Jacket Revealed Cube Entertainment announced that Hyunah's album release date has been postponed, "Hyunah's second mini album "Melting" which was scheduled for release on October 17 has been pushed back to October 22." A representative of Cube Entertainment expressed, "In order to show a complete final product, a crucial part of the music video for title track "Ice Cream" requires additional filming, inevitably leading to the release of the album being delayed." "Ice Cream" is a hip hop number which is said to reveal a new side of Hyunah, stronger and more charismatic with a powerful rap performance as the highlight. Hyunah's second mini album, "Melting" will, as its title suggests, melt the hearts of many before Hyunah's unique charms. The EP consists of five tracks. Producer Brave Brothers joined in and personally got involved in the concept of the song. Meanwhile, the music video for "Ice Cream" as well as the mini album will be released on October 22.

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